Friends come and go, like the waves of the ocean…but the true ones stick, like an octopus on your face.

Really though. I love these guys. We have been friends for years and they have stuck with us through ups and downs, been there for us, supported us in all of our special times, and also our not so special times. They are an exemplary family that we have tried to model, and I am so grateful to have them as friends.

Over the years we have usually shot outside, but this year I talked them into a lifestyle session in their home. I’m so glad they went for it! We got such great, natural, candid shots that make my heart beat a little faster when I look at them (which is my goal). I absolutely love to document people in their own element. It brings an ease and comfort to the session that you can’t find anywhere else.  I hope that one day Asher can look back on these images with his children and say “Hey look, there’s Grandma tickling me on her bed when I was your age!”. Lifestyle sessions are such an amazing gift that I know your family will treasure, and can be passed down through generations.