Fotheringham Family Session | Highland Utah Photographer

I love when I get to photograph one of my St. George friends! This girl and I go way back and she is such a sweetheart! When her family got out of the car my jaw about hit the floor–so beautiful. It was so fun to spend time with them and see the special, sweet relationship they have with each other. And this Dad–he was so chill and happy and cool with whatever odd thing I asked of him, it was the best! Love you Brandi, and your sweet family!

Rilee’s Senior Session | Utah Senior Photographer

This guy…he’s such a sweetie! So cute and funny, and fun to be with. We went to Timpanogos Harley Davidson for our shoot, it’s a great place for senior guys. The building has a lot of texture and color, and is more masculine looking. Rilee and I had fun teasing each other, and I’m sure I made a fool of myself trying to get him to laugh! But hey, it worked!

MaKiah’s Senior Session | Utah County Senior Photographer

Wow…I feel like I keep saying this but people did not look like this when I was in High School. This girl is GORGEOUS. Inside & out. I’ve been taking pictures of her for years, her family was one of my first clients, and it’s crazy to see them all grow up into these amazing adults! It also makes me feel old. Love you MaKiah!

The Westwood Family | Lehi Family Photographer

It’s been senior picture season around here, so it was fun to change things up and photograph this cute family! We went to this beautiful little park in Lehi that is becoming my new favorite location, and we had so much fun! These cute kiddos have the most beautiful white/blonde hair that glows when the sun shines  through it and makes them look like little angels. Here are a few of my favorite shots…

Capri’s Newborn Session | Utah County Newborn Photographer

I love Newborn Photography. Kudos to all the newborn photographers out there, you guys are amazing!  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…there’s not much sweeter than holding someone that just came Earth-side. I don’t usually do newborn sessions, but I couldn’t pass up on my sweet friend and her gorgeous little angel! I’m so glad I did too because come on, look at these pictures! Pure heaven right there. I just love being able to see these sweet families grow & witnessing how their dynamic changes. All the heart eyes!!!

The Brinkerhoff Family | Utah County Lifestyle Photographer

It’s hard to put into words the sweet feelings that came over me throughout this beautiful lifestyle session. It’s always so amazing and inspiring to go into a home and feel the love that a family has for each other…especially when they have just brought a new little person into their home. This family was so fun to be with. I hope these pictures will help them to always remember the feelings they had when sweet Capri joined their adorable family!

The Halliday Family | Utah County Family Photographer

I love family photography. It’s my passion, my favorite type of photography to do. It inspires me to be better with my own family. Especially when I get to be with families like this! Funniest, happiest, sweetest people ever! I’ve known them for about 6 years now and I just can’t get over how cool they are. They are always traveling and going on fun adventures together, spending time with each other, laughing like crazy–I love it. It’s so fun to be around them because they all seriously have the best sense of humor and make me laugh so much. Also I’m pretty sure the mom could write a parenting book and it would be worth gold. She’s amazing. #familygoals


The Lamb Family | Utah Family Photographer

I absolutely loved spending time with this sweet family! They are such genuinely nice people, and you can tell that they all have a really close bond. Their son had come from New York for the holidays, so it was really special to be able to capture them all together. Oh I love photographing families, and seeing their unique dynamics, and their love for each other! It’s so fulfilling to me.

The Behrmann Family | Utah County Photographer

I’ve been doing so many fun holiday sessions, I haven’t had time to keep up on the blog! I met this awesome couple when I was selling some puppies, and I’m so glad I did! They braved the early morning cold for this shoot, and it was so worth it! We went to this gorgeous tree farm, that is one of my new favorite spots for pictures. The sun was shining through the trees, golden and beautiful, and I love how their session turned out. They brought their adorable dog and I could hardly pay attention to anything else because he is the cutest thing! I may have even talked them into letting him father my future pup’s pups! Ha! Hey, I can dream…


Fowler Birth Story | Utah County Photographer

This sweet little angel came earth-side in the quiet hours of the morning. It was so beautiful to be there and witness the miracle of a new little person being born! I’ve been waiting for this day to come with anticipation and excitement, and then it all happened so fast I barely made it in time!

It’s hard to put into words the amazing feelings I have when I photograph a birth, and I’m just so grateful to this tiny baby girl’s parents for trusting me enough to share those moments with them.

The Johnson Family | Utah Family Photographer

This session. This Family. The light. It was all amazing. And, oh man, I love this girl to pieces. Once in a while you come across someone who inspires you and makes you want to be a better person. She is one of those people. She is so beautiful, inside & out. One of the most genuine, kind, caring people I know. I’m so lucky to have her as a friend!

Side note: Someone may or may not have peed in the field, just saying. And I may or may not have caught that bare bum on camera. Too funny!

Harper’s Newborn Session | Utah County Photographer

I don’t do newborn photography a lot, so I forget how good it is for satisfying my baby cravings! This little tiny sweet thing was such a dream. Her mom says she never cries and is so content. It was amazing. Almost made me want another one! Almost. She was such a little angel, she slept so good for me, and I was able to get some great shots for her mama. Look at that sweet little smile!


Krista’s Maternity Session | Utah County Lifestyle Photographer

This beautiful girl is one of my good friends and I was so excited to capture her glowing beauty before her life forever changed! I love lifestyle photography. There is something so special about photographing someone in the comfort of their own home. I feel like it gives the images more meaning to the people in them. They can look at back at them and be transported back to that time in your life and the feelings that you had. I love the simplicity of these images, and also her hair is to die for.