Pugmire Family Session | Utah Photographer

“Joy comes to us in ordinary moments. We risk missing out when we get too busy chasing down the extraordinary.” -Brene Brown

Ain’t that the truth? There have been times in my life when I have wished the days away because I had something coming up on the calendar that I was excited about. That’s no way to live though, at least not for me. I’m challenging myself to live more in the moment, and to feel more joy in the ordinary, sometimes monotonous everyday life.

In other news, this beautiful family was a dream to photograph. This is my sweet friend, whom I don’t see nearly enough, so it was amazing to document a little bit of her beautiful family for her.

I pour my heart and soul into my work, and I hope that my clients can feel that. Every picture I give them feels like it has a little piece of me etched into it, and it’s hard not to get too emotionally attached.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the beauty wrapped up in these ordinary moments.

Capri’s 6 month Session | Utah County Photographer

I can’t believe summer is really over. I seriously blinked and it was over. How?? Why?! Good thing I love sweaters and hot chocolate and all things Fall. Luckily I’ve been squeezing in a few last minute sessions while there is still some green/flowers outside. This sweet little chick—I die! I really feel like I just photographed her as a newborn last week, and now she’s 6 months! This girl has the chunkiest cheeks and biggest blue eyes, and is probably the smiliest baby I have ever seen. Unless you are blowing bubbles at her…then she just looks shocked. Ha…I just love her! And her sweet mama and brother! It was so fun to spend the afternoon with them, and getting a tiny glimpse of the love this sweet woman has for her babies. I just dare you not to swoon at these…

Bayley’s Senior Session | Highland Utah Photographer

I seriously couldn’t believe my eyes when this beautiful young woman stepped out of the car–last time I saw her was when she was a little chick, tumbling across the floor of the apartment above me years and years ago! Senior sessions always make me feel so old and reaffirm that time is going by waaaay.to.stinking.fast. This cutie was a little shy at the first of our session, but I worked my magic and now I’m her favorite person ever. Wahoo! Oh Bay, you’re so bae. <3 you girl!

Brooklynn’s Senior Session | Lehi Photographer

Brooklynn! How are you already this old?! You weren’t supposed to grow up and not want to babysit for me anymore….waaaah. Oh…this girl…she is my favorite. THE total package. She is everything I want to raise my girls to be! So kind and funny and sweet and smart. AND GORGEOUS. For reals. Inside & out and all that stuff. Anyway, I giggled like an idiot our whole session and died when I looked through her pictures! <3

Little Adventures Lifestyle Session | Utah County Photographer

I had such a fun time shooting product in a lifestyle session for Little Adventures and Baby Laundry! If you haven’t checked either of them out—do it now! Little Adventures makes the cutest dress-ups and play clothes for kids–super comfy & you can just throw them in the wash. Love. And Baby Laundry……oh my goodness. The.Best.Minky.Blankets.Ever. Like, ever. I need one for every member in my family so people will quit fighting over them–seriously–it’s crazy. It’s even a problem with company staying at my house…!??! Anyways, my gorgeous friend Whitney volunteered her family’s cute little faces and we had a blast cuddling and dancing.

Brinkerhoff Family Session | Utah County Photographer

This right here is my type of party. Seriously. I just die over these pictures every time I look at them. So, crazy story…this fam got everyone all ready for long overdue pictures on a glorious summer day, when out of NO WHERE, the craziest rain/wind storm flew in and turned the sky black. We were in shock! I felt like crying, and so did this gorgeous mama. They were only in town for that night! Well low and behold, about 30 minutes later the clouds passed and the most beautiful golden sunset showed up. ??????!!!!!! This pretty lady must be living right or something! Anyway, it was the best session, like, ever. I hardly had to say 2 words, they just ROCKED it at connecting with each other, and it was so beautiful to see.