Capri’s Newborn Session | Utah County Newborn Photographer

I love Newborn Photography. Kudos to all the newborn photographers out there, you guys are amazing!  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…there’s not much sweeter than holding someone that just came Earth-side. I don’t usually do newborn sessions, but I couldn’t pass up on my sweet friend and her gorgeous little angel! I’m so glad I did too because come on, look at these pictures! Pure heaven right there. I just love being able to see these sweet families grow & witnessing how their dynamic changes. All the heart eyes!!!

The Brinkerhoff Family | Utah County Lifestyle Photographer

It’s hard to put into words the sweet feelings that came over me throughout this beautiful lifestyle session. It’s always so amazing and inspiring to go into a home and feel the love that a family has for each other…especially when they have just brought a new little person into their home. This family was so fun to be with. I hope these pictures will help them to always remember the feelings they had when sweet Capri joined their adorable family!

Harper’s Newborn Session | Utah County Photographer

I don’t do newborn photography a lot, so I forget how good it is for satisfying my baby cravings! This little tiny sweet thing was such a dream. Her mom says she never cries and is so content. It was amazing. Almost made me want another one! Almost. She was such a little angel, she slept so good for me, and I was able to get some great shots for her mama. Look at that sweet little smile!